Business Analysis

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The IT Business Analyst is the professional who is generally associated with requirements elicitation/analysis and solving problems using information technology solutions. This role is the bridge between business & IT. Probably, the majority of the members of the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) fall in this category of IT Business Analysts. The analysts in this role generally begin their work once a given IT project has been initiated. They are the ones eliciting requirements from stakeholders, analyze the requirements, document them in BRDs (business requirements documents), and create functional specifications. In this role the analyst may also interacts with the development and quality assurance teams.

BA flow

You have the first word. You tell us what your vision is, your business goals, every component of the project. Our task is to listen. If you come in with a clearly shaped idea, our responsibility is to ask challenging questions, to push for details and unplanned scenarios. If your idea still needs clarity and details, we ask expert questions, offer knowledgeable suggestions until you picture a clearly defined concept with specific details. We become your team. We start working on the estimates based on elements we agree on. We make calculations of all resources needed. Now, you have your estimate with all options in front of you: visibility and predictability of costs. You see our commitment to your success, from the very beginning.