,,The future is a reflection
of the past and the result of
present actions’’

As a software outsourcing company we use several engagement models to match the current needs of the IT market and to make sure our clients are fully engaged in the development of the project.

We have access to a large pool of skilled software engineers, that easily integrate into your teams.
Our employees and collaborators highly skilled and creative are able to provide services within a vast range of industries with the ability to quickly adapt.

Covering every aspect of development, from start to finish. The team covers everything and takes ownership of the direction of the product working with the client to achieve the desired end result.

  • BA
  • Design, UX
  • Devops
  • Testing
  • Project management
  • Front and back end development

We work together with the client team towards a common goal. Our developers become part of a mixed team, managed by either side. Works well for small projects, but also for larger endeavors where several teams work together on the same project.

An IT Recruitment team is allocated for each opportunity. From there, we validate the most suitable candidates from a pool of CV’s we gather. Then, we will present a shortlist of profiles for each role for the desired team.
The customer can choose the best CV’s for each role. If the customer wishes to see more suitable profiles, we will deliver newer candidates. It ́s expected from the client to handle a second phase of interviews (technical).

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We can find the
perfect skillset to extend your
in-house skills

Project Management

Whether in Agile, Waterfall or hybrid models, our project managers can ensure solid ...

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Business Analysis

Our business analysts can cover requirements gathering and specification phases, perform risk analyses, ...

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UX & UI Design

User research, scenarios & user flows, user stories, wireframes & mockups, usability testing.

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Analysis of the existing release processes and systems, automation, development of systems and ...

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Software Testing

Software testing strategy, testing architecture setup, the full spectrum of manual and automated ...

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Software Development

Full lifecycle software development: architecture & design, implementation, re-engineering & refactoring, technology migration, ...

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Who we are

hyx is a Romanian software services company headquartered in Baia Mare and was founded 6 years ago to provide a better option for software development services, outsourcing, and development partnering.



At hyx, we offer high quality, well-established and effective software development processes, flexibility, confidentiality, transparent communication and experience in building competent teams. Our services are scalable so we can address the needs of businesses of all sizes.


Our goal

,,Quality at the right price'' is the answer to the question ,,What are the benefits for each part involved?''